Hest Foamy vs PuffPad

Hey all,
My bride and I are LOVING the new GFC!! She is thinking the stock mattress is too firm.
Wondering if anyone has tried both the Foamy and the PuffPad?

The best way to retain the functionality of the GFC is the ‘overland soft goods’ mattress topper - as long as you have sheets (or get theirs - they are great) keeps the panels working as intended

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The Hest is stupid good. The overland soft goods helped a ton but I needed much more softness and the hest filled that.

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Which hest fits best and can you close the camper with it up there?

I threw the dually long up there for my Tacoma short bed. The width is PERFECT and leaves 12 inches

How easy is it to manipulate when moving the bedding sections around?

You can “fold” the hest either long ways or like a sandwich and it fits pretty much perfectly in the front non moveable section of the GFC. I then also slide the medium size panel and then the other squares up there. From what I have seen, it’s about the same/similar to moving the panels. The added comfort though is far superior imo.

Closing it is much tighter and just takes some patience.