Hinge cover or UV protection

My truck sits in the driveway and will be subjected to NM sun. The sun here knows no mercy. It destroys everything eventually. Any sun protection suggestions? I thought about some kind of a cover or skirt that could be mounted to the extrusion to physically cover the hinges and block UV. Anyone already do this or have some ideas about what to use? I also wonder if there is anything that can be applied to these hinges to mitigate UV damage.




Use a vehicle cover?

I use 50 proof sunblock on mine. Seems to be working great. :rofl:


armorall? …

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303 Aerospace Protectant, about the best UV protector there is.


Ok. Have you used it? Does it play well with our living hinges? I’m willing to try it.


303 does work. I take care of boats, including a lot of rigid inflatables, and the tubes that don’t get 303 on them routinely have a dramatically shorter life span. Same with vinyl seats and other stuff. I only wish it didn’t wash off so easily.

Have you tried it on our hinges? It’d be just my luck that the stuff would melt a living hinge or something.

Can’t imagine it would do any harm to the hinges. I’ve used it on all kinds of things with no ill effects.

I put some on. I end up with rags full of the stuff and wipe it on all sorts of things on my vehicles. Won’t hurt anything.

Cool. Got some today and did my first application. Says re-apply every 3-5 weeks or so, if I remember correctly. Hopefully it will mitigate any potential UV related cracking.


Looks like 303 doesn’t help. My side door just broke off. I’ve been keeping a close eye on them and being mindful using them and it just popped off when closing it. Six hours short of exactly one year after install.

Crud… I got my new embassy hinges. Soooo glad.