Hinge replacement

Got to the shop just after 8am. Hinges were done at 3pm. Took most if the day. They look good and feel solid. They are glued and riveted over the old previous hinge on the door panel for my newer gen V1 with the non-riveted doors.
Everyone at GFC was super nice and Eli did a great job on the hinges, it seems. I’ll update this post if there are any unexpected issues.

Watch the weather on the west yellowstone section of 191 if you’re coming that way.



Nice! Glad you got the upgrade and got to do a road trip!

Looks good. Do you know if they are putting the new hinge over the older style hinge that has all of the rivets? Just checking. I am on the next PIT and have the style with all the rivets.


No, the riveted hinges are removed. I know - I did it myself!

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@GFC706 so you had non riveted V1 hinge that is now riveted embassy hinge? i wonder if this is because of the ‘glued only’ embassy hinge failure?

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I am planing on riveting my embassy hinges on. Have a corner lifting slightly and want the assurance of not worry about glue on powder coat.

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there was a embassy hinge failure V! glued only - recently im guessing that they need to address these.

Yes. The new embassy hinge is glued and riveted over the previous plastic living hinge that came on my V1. The top portion of the old hinge was removed from under the tent. My tent had to be lifted in the process, from what I understand.


Was that a hinge replacement or a brand new GFC? Mike told me that when doing a replacement hinge that they’re drilling holes and putting rivets in regardless of whether it had them because there is not enough cure time like new campers have but maybe not.

Honestly not thrilled that this is their fix for replacing the glued on polyolefin hinges. Gluing the aluminum embassy hinge on top of the polyolefin remnant doesn’t seem structurally sound, to me atleast.
Were one of your hinges failling or was it a preventative replacement?

I’m confused. An embassy hinge failed? They’re geared so that seems odd. Are you saying the fastening to the panel failed? The new hinges are glued and riveted. Do you have more details?

If you get a replacement they are glued and riveted. If you have the embassy from new they are just glued to the panel.

Aha! I like glued AND riveted myself. But I could see why they would want to skip the riveting to save a step during mfg.

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@Slowboater you are correct - glue failed not the actual hinge. was on a late model V1 that was only glued. result is the same i guess -

@GFC706 the old hinge is completely removed from both sides (panel and frame) before the embassy hinge is installed

yes i prefer the glue and rivet -

For my hinge replacement, the old hinge was not removed from the panel; only the frame. The new embassy hinge was installed over the old hinge on the panel without removal. Glued and riveted.


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@GFC706 really? that is interesting - thats not how ours was done by mike on the PIT -


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Yep. Don’t know if it’s the best way or not, but that’s how it was done for mine. See the pics in my original post.


That’s interesting. I didn’t notice it at first but after zooming in I can see your old hinge. My old hinge was removed. Either way it seems bullet proof now.

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i also did not notice till i zoomed in. very interesting.

That has to be some kind of one off fix. The old hinge is one piece and if they removed it from under the tent but left it on the panel, they would have had to cut it. When you drill out all the panel rivets the old hinge just lifts off. My guess is whoever did the repair wasn’t following proper procedure or for some reason the hinge didn’t want to lift off the panel. So rather than damaging the panel trying to get the old hinge off they just decided to leave it there. Still looks like it should work ok.