Hitch Mount - Vertical Bike carry

I am looking at different brands Vertical, Hitch mount bike racks:

  • 1up Recon - $$$
  • Yakima - Hangover
  • Velocirax - Nice shock loaded
  • Alta Racks - Raised angle
  • NorthShore Racks - Good Price, happy reviews
  1. Any feedback?
  2. Ability to open Tailgate while loaded?

Will almost always carry 3 bikes, with the option to at least carry 4. Prefer the idea of Vertical to Horizontal… as it will stick out less when fully loaded.

Thank in advance!

The North shore was the original and they are simple and work great. The only real downside vs all the others is they cradle the fork not the wheel. So some Rubbing can occur. But they offer the slimmest profile when not used. Most tilt down but the NS you can tilt it down and open the tail gate.

Another option to check out is Kyber rack. Pricey but they are stainless steel. IMO rust is always the killer of bike racks. Having saw one in person they are super well thought out.

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I have the Alta rack and really like it. The angled approach does give more clearance if you are going to be off roading a bit to get to your final destination. It gives complete ability to open the tailgate which is nice as well.