HOA and GFC Platform Camper

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I currently live in an homeowners association (HOA, booooooooooo!) and I am wondering if anyone ever had issues getting the HOA to approve such an accessory to our trucks. The wording is vague on what classifies as a camper and before it is mentioned, I have sent a request for more information from the HOA board. For those who had to deal with such, did you have any luck in convincing them to approve your GFC Platform Camper?

I’m guessing it would be highly dependent on the HOA. Ours puts restrictions on the trucks you can leave outside (no “work” trucks with dualies, for example) and no RVs left parked outside for longer than a few days. Never had an issue with my Tacoma and GFC, but it is mostly parked in the garage. Also seems to be highly dependent on the level of enforcement, how seriously your HOA board members take their job, and how much your neighbors feel like narcing on others!

Wow I didn’t even know this was a thing. That is actually crazy you would have to get this approved by an HOA.


I am moving to an HOA and had the same thoughts about what constitutes an RV. Sounds like ours have similar rules. I was guessing that you could claim it’s a canopy and not open it in the neighborhood. I dont think mine will fit in my garage either.

Whenever folks ask, just say it’s a topper first and only talk about that tent doodad if someone seems legit. I was part of a strict HOA here in Bozeman, and while RV’s and campers were outlawed from driveways and parking, my slim GFC flew under the radar in the driveway, even after being popped for hours to air things.

#defundtheHOA :fist:t3:


Yeah that’s my plan. We are moving to an area that had slim pickins’ for house buying so it was our only option. I think keeping it on the DL will be fine.

Here is what I sent to my homeowners association if anyone is having any issues. This was my attempt to convince them that this is not your “traditional camper”.

"I’m seeking clarification on the definition of a “camper” or “camper shell.” In the CC&Rs, specifically under the section regarding vehicles and parking, it is mentioned that “No motor vehicles exceeding one-ton load capacity, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, travel trailers, tent trailers, utility trailers, campers, boats, boat trailers, detached campers, camper shells, or similar vehicles or equipment may be parked or repaired on any Unit, common area, or street within the Property (except as provided in the CC&Rs or within garages).”

I’m contemplating the purchase of what is commonly referred to as a "Platform Camper.” This type of product doesn’t fit the traditional camper category since it’s not designed for permanent habitation. I use this vehicle for my daily commute to and from work, and it is not a recreational or work vehicle. I am confused by the language used in the CC&Rs and the absence of specific criteria for classifying a vehicle as a camper or camper shell and what cannot be parked in the driveway. To assist you in clarifying this matter, I have provided the following details in my request for information (RFI). This particular vehicle accessory is permanently attached to the vehicle and is sleek in appearance. To add, it lacks amenities such as a toilet or a water source which is typically found in your traditional camper. I would greatly appreciate any information and clarification you can provide.

In addition to the RFI, I would like to seek approval prior to the purchase.

Thank you in advance!" – not sure why this is bolded in here but you get the point! :slight_smile:

Update 10/16/23
I can provide updates if it helps you guys! Of course, this will vary by association, but it looks like they are considering passing this as a “canopy” since the appearance as I mentioned to them is not like your traditional camper. It is now in the motions of being voted for.

Yeah, I wanted to do this but having to deal with HOA enforcement kind of deterred me from attempting this since there is no way I could fit this in my garage. That would suck to invest in something that I have to constantly look over my shoulders for.

I was also in your situation with the slim pickings of homes. I also didn’t want to have a neighbor who was a nuisance and a car garden anymore (my previous home was notorious for neighbors like these). I convinced myself that HOA was the way to go since I love coming home to a clean-cut neighborhood.

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HOA in my neighborhood. I know nothing about it and pretend like it doesn’t exist. Haven’t received any notices about my GFC. Have also gotten new windows installed and a EV charger without asking for their approval. IMO I own the house and shouldn’t need to ask them what I can or cannot do here.

I wish I could do that, however I am in a newly built community which has not been established yet so they are a bit finnicky when it comes to modifications or changes.

Wow, I can’t tell you how much I hate HOA’s. I feel like anywhere that you could park in normal truck you should be allowed to park a truck with the GFC though. it’s really still just a truck!

Good luck though!


Good news! GFC approved!


Great news! Can’t say I have ever heard of the GFC’s being an issue- glad that is still the case :slight_smile:


That sign is not HOA Compliant. :slight_smile:



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A group of Karen’s is called a home owners association