Homebound in the New Camper

Here’s a couple shots on our return trip with the new camper. All photos are from the same day on a 12 hour from Bozeman to St. George, Utah. Great way to break in the new setup. I’m planning on building up a livable work / surf rig out of this, and I’ll do my best to document to process on this forum. Looking forward to more nights of camping in 2020!

The full album can be found on my website: 12.27.20 Montana - Jake Schillings


Rad! Congrats, can’t wait to get mine. Also gonna set it up for surf trips. You figure out a good surf rack set-up yet?

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Geez, I remember when mine was that clean…:slight_smile:


Looks sharp! but it’s 2021! HAHAHA

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