Homemade "DZila" rain fly poles and holders

I have junk and things sitting around so why buy stuff if I don’t need to.

actually I went to buy the GZila rail fly but didn’t have poles so it renders the blocks useless. then I thought, hey I have blocks of hard plastic(don’t remember what kind) sitting around, why don’t I make my own?

Blocks- 3/4" thick 1 1/2" tall and 2 3/4" long with 5/16" holes and 1/2" recesses for the socket cap screw head

poles- 1/8" x 24" steel pole bent with brute force and a vice then painted “Ford Farm Implement red” so it’s more difficult to lose them in the dirt

add on 4 screws and track nuts from Gzila- they are right down the street from me so easy pickup- and a couple tarp clips from Home Depot


Total this tiny project was less than $20


I wish I didn’t know so much about plastic but my first job out of highschool was a 2 year stint at Tap Plastics…

Appears to be a HDPE you are using - self lubricating (won’t take glue or paint) and soft - so easy to tool but grabby on wood tools and routers. HDPE is not UV stable - you will see Seaboard or Starboard brand HDPE with added pigment to be UV stabilized. Will yellow pretty quick and eventually becomes brittle. Despite this, it is cheap so IMHO for the cost, this is a GREAT option. The extra couple bucks you might pay for the UV stable stuff is prob also worth it - not to mention you can get that in black - assuming you can get a rem and not a full sheet.

Great idea!


Again not sure what kind of plastic it is. i didn’t label it when I chucked it in the corner. we’ll see how it goes. If anybody does buy some to make their own, yes please make sure it’s UV resistant