Homemade "DZila" rain fly poles and holders

I have junk and things sitting around so why buy stuff if I don’t need to.

actually I went to buy the GZila rail fly but didn’t have poles so it renders the blocks useless. then I thought, hey I have blocks of hard plastic(don’t remember what kind) sitting around, why don’t I make my own?

Blocks- 3/4" thick 1 1/2" tall and 2 3/4" long with 5/16" holes and 1/2" recesses for the socket cap screw head

poles- 1/8" x 24" steel pole bent with brute force and a vice then painted “Ford Farm Implement red” so it’s more difficult to lose them in the dirt

add on 4 screws and track nuts from Gzila- they are right down the street from me so easy pickup- and a couple tarp clips from Home Depot


Total this tiny project was less than $20


Again not sure what kind of plastic it is. i didn’t label it when I chucked it in the corner. we’ll see how it goes. If anybody does buy some to make their own, yes please make sure it’s UV resistant

a little update- the the blocks have been outside 24/7 and still going strong

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