Hooking up the brake light to a 2021 F150 Tremor with LED tail lights

2021 Ford F150 Tremor

Ford has a wire for the purpose of hooking up additional brake lights.
But they are jerks, make it damn near impossible to find, don’t document crap and put it in a weird location.

It is located under the hood, drivers side, toward the front.
I had to take off the air intake housing to make it easier, but it’s not required.
The damn thing is taped to a wire bundle, directly below the bolt holding the air housing on.

It’s not in the bundle, it’s taped outside, but they placed it in an almost impossible place.
It’s immediately below the bolt for the air intake on the drivers side.

I had to take off the air intake, no way i could tweak my fingers to get this damn thing.
It will take several tries, where you swear it’s not there, something must be wrong…but keep looking.

This is the wire, but in this pic it’s pointed back toward the driver, when you try and find it it’ll be along that wire bundle, pointed forward, hidden like someone hates you.

It will only light up when the truck is turned on and brakes are applied.


this reads like a halloween horror story

but thanks, going to try with my '21 F150 since I took it to a shop and they were like “nah fam, we can’t find that thing”

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Respect that it was such a PITA and you did the tutorial, too! Serious thanks, bro. Just got my GFC yesterday. I’ll give the brake light a try w my ‘21 F150 when I have time and patience, or at least no innocent bystanders🤬