How do you insure your GFC?

My insurer is Pekin Insurance and my agent put it on the homeowners policy. I needed to provide a proof of purchase as this is how they put a value on the item. My annual cost is about $100. The absence of a serial number was not an issue and since it is not licensed for road use or considered an RV or trailer it did not go on the auto policy. It is basically covered like my wife’s wedding ring.

Geico put it on my auto insurance without any questions, just needed to tell them the value. Similar process for all of my aftermarket parts: suspension, sliders, etc. Only increased my premiums by a little bit. The only things they put on my homeowners instead of auto were my solar, house batteries, etc. I’ve talked to two different reps to verify that everything was covered.

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USAA added it to my auto policy.



what is it costing, if you dont mind me being nosy?

I haven’t checked, but my recollection is $20-30 per month.


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I have full coverage from state farm and my rep/neighbor says anything I add to or tow with the truck is covered automatically no need for extra coverage

I have statefarm full coverage too and I asked my rep, they also said that aftermarket items are covered as long as I have proof of receipt - the camper is also covered as long as it’s attached to the truck.
But who knows when you actually need to file a claim :thinking:

I just added mine to my Allstate auto policy. Premium is $19 / 6 months.

that seems a little more reasonable.

Ok. This thread made me check. $18.25 per 6 months.


Though this is often true for liability coverage, physical damage coverage might be different (from policy to policy). Also, this means that if/when you take it off it is uninsured.

on the truck it is covered by my auto insurance, take it off and it’s still on my property it’s covered by home owner’s insurance only for theft or fire not act of god. My hearse I suspend coverage in the winter and the same applies. Home owner’s insurance covers fire, theft but not act of god. leave the camper somewhere unattended or drive the hearse uninsured then it’s my problem. I should also say I’m in Ohio and your state might be different