How do you manage your trash in your camper?

Trasharoo, on my tailgate. Like others, I use the heavier, contractor grade trash bags. I use smaller kitchen bags around camp and tie them off, then put in the contractor bag which lines the trasharoo. Usually, once I leave the mountains and hit pavement, as soon as I see a gas station or other location that has a trash can/bin, I toss it.

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Same, i have a trasheroo but i dont strap it to my tailgate, i just hang it from either the ladder or the camp table. You can get the thick 55 gal contractor bags from smart and final, and i keep a smaller roll up trash bag from Kelty in the camper when im in it to store the small trash things till the next am then dump it into the big bag in the trasheroo. Then youre not keeping your wag bags in the truck till you move camp

I found this magnetic vinyl, probably measures about 16x20" approximately. I put it between my trasharoo and tailgate. Protects tailgate from getting scratched.