How do you manage your trash in your camper?

I know there has already been alot of discussion on storage solutions for the GFC, but I was wondering what everyone does for their trash storage or just their waste management in general?

With my current setup (just a RTT and Tonneau cover), I typically just use a garbage bag and keep it in the bed of the truck. However, more often than not it can smell and leak. But this doesnt matter to me cause its in the back where everything is dirty and separate from my living area. I was thinking about how this might change once I get my platform camper (in January sometime) since the downstairs will be more of a hangout spot now. I plan on keeping the downstairs clean and will likely have a bedrug of sorts. Im not sure how my current trash management will hold up in the camper so i wanted to see how everyone else manages their trash? Where do you put your trash? Do you keep in the bed of the truck when you sleep? How do you manage smell/leaks? Just curious cause there does not seem to be a whole lot of discussion on trash solutions in the forums.

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I have one of these on my tailgate that I keep my trash in. I have a big lawn and leaf bag that I use in there, when I am stuck inside I put trash into a shopping bag then dump in there.

I have a 5 gallon bucket with one of those toilet seat deals that I haul around just in case. In 3 years I’ve never used it. I keep the box of kitchen bags in the bottom of the bucket and setup a bag for use. I use this as a trash can complete with a lid. If the bag ever gets damaged the bucket will contain it. The bags are scented too

I keep a trasharoo in the back with hefty 55 gal HD liner bags inside. Also keep my small broom and dust bin combo in the bottom. When I get to can I I line the trasharoo and strap it to either my ladder or table. Once we move it goes back in the camper. Keeps smell and trash juices from getting all over the place, and cleanly get rid of the bag once you get to a bin.

Trash-a-roo on the move, a pop-up can if at camp for a while, and unfortunately I usually stash the bag on the front passenger floor at night, because bears. Better than under me. Probably should be hanging it away from camp instead :upside_down_face:

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I use a 4.4L Cereal box container and have little compost bags I throw in it. Easy to deal with trash when it’s small.

I use 5 gallon buckets because they work great for many things and they are free. I usually have a roll of the super cheapo trash can liners to put in it

5-Gallon bucket. Every truck needs a good bucket. Fill it with kindling/logs on the way out - and trash/beer cans on the way back. Garbage bag makes clean up easy and a lid for the bucket keeps cans from floating around your bed on bumpy roads. Also works as an emergency toilet if needed…


I use a little trash can I found on Amazon (link below). I had planned on mounting it to the bed rail, but I never got around to it.


I use these Molle pouches, 1 on a shock cord in the truck bed, and 1 on a back seat in the cab. A walmart bag in them stops most unexpected dribbles.

One note - I never leave food in overnight in the truck bed. No sense in attracting critters. And in the cab, I zip lock food trash, as don’t want ants or whatever.

Trasharoo on the spare tire out back. Nothing more simple.


For those with trasharoos, do you ever have any issues/concerns with wildlife getting into it?

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When I am in bear country I obviously don’t use it. If I am in an area with lots of critters that like to tear things apart at night I put peppermint oil in / on the trasharoo in strategic locations and have never had an issue. ( They don’t like peppermint)

Just my personal experience ( I also don’t have a ton of food trash usually so maybe I am just lucky)

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we use crash pad spare tire bag, very heavy duty and well made. (not used in bear country)

When I had my dog this is what I used for his dog food, a Vittles Vault wide mouth air tight container. Now I use it for storing poo bags and any food scraps. Seems to work well and big enough for a two week trip. And I don’t notice any smells.


I’ve been using a large old school metal ammo can. Also doubles as a step!


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Hey @kmk , what table is that with the blue water jug on top?

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Haven’t had issues with wildlife getting in.