How do you store your shoes?

How do you store your shoes? Specifically in the RTTs not so much the campers.

I have some ideas of ways to make it better. BUT, I want to see what else everyone is doing.

I stuff my slides in the top shelf bag

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Are you by yourself?

Didn’t know he made that. Thanks!

Wifey and I. Two pairs of slides fit just fine. If you want a better storage idea, it looks like he provides a nifty new product

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Man he thinks of everything. I have idea for a bag like that but not for on the ladder. Thanks!

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I use a collapsible bike basket mounted with T nuts next to my ladder. Attaches and removes in 1 second and folds flat for storage (which allows the GFC side panel to open with the basket attached). It came with a rain cover, but the mount was separate. I ordered it from Amazon and can add a link if needed.



Link please

Looks like it’s this one without the handle…


I bought two of these IKEA shoe bags (which can be used for anything) and keep them inside the camper (or balanced / tied on the top rung of the ladder).


dmg5000: thanks for the Amazon link, That’s a nicer basket than mine. However, I can’t tell if it uses the same mount?

ScottH: oops, I actually bought mine on a bicycle website (bikeinn). I can’t find a link, but here is a photo of the order. Let me know if that works for you,


We just do a simple plastic bag and bring it inside with us. Do not need any fancy additions, even though there sure are lots of options to choose from.

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We are on summer 3 with it just shoving shit along the edges of the mattress. Just got fed up with the culter.

Close to pulling the trigger on this one: Luno® – Gear & Shoe Storage Bag

I have that and love it!!! simple and easy.