How heat resistant are the panels?

When it’s raining or cold I usually cook inside on top of the rectangular panel (with the cushion removed). Are they heat resistant? I always wait till pots cool down a little before putting them on the panel, wondering if I should let them cool down more or I can just put a hot one right off the stove on the panel.

I’m just guessing that the honeycomb panels aren’t that heat resistant. If I were you I’d use a small piece of wood underneath it. Maybe one of those hot pads things that go underneath a pot when you put it on the table.

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You can also ask @GFC_Taylor about it.

I’m gonna go with a no on this one.

As always, thanks @crazyfingers for summoning me.


Sorry I keep summoning you like this @GFC_Taylor. Im just guessing its easier this way then people calling or emailing you guys with these questions. Chuck