How many nights do you sleep in your GFC per year?

Curious to hear how many nights people spend in their GFC on average per year and whether you think this justifies the need for the camper vs a traditional topper or ground tent.

Check out the pudding thread. I’m at 43 nights and going to hit 50 by the end of the year. Several others are way over 50 nights a year.

I love always having the ability to camp at a moments notice because it allows for mid week camping without much planning.

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I have hit 74 logged nights.

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This year?!

Yup. Around 95 total since October last year.

And here I am thinking 30 nights per year is respectable

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It is! Getting out there is all that counts.

Got mine in January this year - 14 camping trips, but additionally 20+ nights sleeping in the bed area on GFC cushions (sometimes tent too) that weren’t camping (work travel, late nights, times when it wasn’t safe to drive).

Years ago I had a topper (and lived in it for a few months) but it wasn’t a good fit for me. Couldn’t stand up, heavy, hard to get any real privacy, mattress kept me from using it for truck stuff. Basically just a sleep box.

In the previous five years I went camping just twice. The big unlock for me is that it’s always ready on the truck. No planning, just go.