How Many Sports can you fit into your GFC?

How many sports can you cram into your GFC?
We’ve managed to somewhat successfully ORGANIZE close to 7 sports in our GFC while we live in Baja 8 months of the year.
The GFC serves as our strike mission surf truck and mobile garage!
(We do not live full time out of the GFC, but we do use it DAILY during our time in Baja each year)
Surf, wing, kite, foil, mountain bike, SUP, dive.
Would love to see what others do, what sports you’ve got and organization/customization tips and tricks!

Custom PVC board rack (holds 7 boards 6’ and under-2surf,2foil,2kite)
Top of board rack holds 3 wings and 5 kites
2 fork mounts for MTBs
vrnclr grab all bedding net (holds 2 sleeping bags + pillows no prob)
Rubbermaid bin storage for surf/kite/foil hardware + misc items
Dometic Fridge+goal zero power box + 100w solar glued flex panel on roof (in cab)


Ha! Awesome. Making me wish I was in Baja. It’s been a few years, both times only via moto not GFC.

Multi-sport: a few weeks ago we did climbing, SUP, fly fishing, etc. combo.

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Super inspiring to see this! Considering a GF. For my 3rd Gen long bed Tacoma. Main sport purpose will be wing and downwind foiling! If you have any particular key additions for these sports, I’m all ears. Thanks for posting!