How Much Water Are Y'all Carrying

Next year after my wife retires we will be driving our RAM cross country and trailering our 97 Jeep TJ.

How much water do you normally carry?

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For drinking purposes I usually plan around 1 gallon per person per day.

Though I typically wind up somewhere where I can refill drinking water every couple of days so I rarely have more then 5 gallons with me.

When I had a van previously I had a 15 gallon storage tank on the roof we used for showers/non drinking purposes and kept a 5 gallon jug in the van for drinking.

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I have a 5gal jug for general water needs then carry ~2gal in the cooler for drinking, depending on how long I’m going out for.

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For just me solo, I carry one 20L Scepter water container. I also top up all Nalgenes and pack reservoirs if I know it’ll be a while until the next fill. Lasts about a 3 days (desert) to a week (moderate temps) including use for coffee, cooking, and washing.

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Depends on the trip. We typically carry 1 gal for each traveler per day using store bought water containers and bring a 5 gal container for “camp water” (dishes, hot drinks, wash hands etc.) The camp water is also always potable so we can use for drinking if needed. We fill the empty 1 gal bottles and 5 gal container when possible for extended trips. Regional/county parks are good places to find potable water sources. I also carry a few lifestraws.

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we carry 4 water bricks in the smaller 1.6 gallon size. That size is just easier to store and move around or transport from refilling site. In addition the cooler has 4 liters cold.
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Thanks for your input.
As an Overland newbie your input has been helpful.
I have been driving my Jeep off-road since 2006 but now started setting up my Ram pickup for Overland.
I normally carry a 6 gal jug but when I saw the jugs on sale I bought 3 more. They 4 fit perfectly across the truck bed. I see 4 could be Over Kill so I will probably carry 2 and keep two as spares.

PS: I also added a 12vdc water pump with a pressure shutoff switch so my wife can take a shower. Now I know why I bought all the water JUGS! LOL :grin::thinking::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The video below shows how it works. I connected the output to a garden hose and sprayer. It shuts off when you stop spray water.

It is not noisy!

I do have a 13gal water tank in the back that I keep empty until needed. Main use of that is for showers/rinsing for those trips where we spend a week or so at spots and may not get to a gas station for a while due to not constantly driving.

If we are talking about water to drink, keep in mind that you will always need gas before water if you are constantly traveling. And where ever they sell gas, they sell water. So save some of that water weight!


Usually 4 of the 8 gallon cans. If I have the trailer then I have a 60 gallon tank. Depends on duration and location amenities.