How to lock new v2’s

Good morning fellow campers, I picked up my v2 yesterday and am absolutely in love with it. My only concern about the whole system is how to lock the tent portion down. Does anyone have any links to a 3rd party that sells locks?

there are a couple threads on this. there are a couple good ideas in here. I don’t remember the thread or user, but somebody used a lock meant for a trailer hitch.

Yeah I’ve seen most of the threads but all the gfc specific locks are sold out. I’d like to ideally buy a lock meant for the gfc.

We just finalized pricing for a lockable draw latch plus mounting brackets. Products -

Is there a pre-order or order page?

I’m building a list. Use this page to send us a note: Get in touch -

$200? Do you at least have a real picture of the mechanism? Production schedule? Delivery guarantee’s?

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I took mine off a while ago because I don’t feel like I need them and didn’t want them freezing up. you are welcome to have them

I think this is them

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Me too, but im not giving them away yet. There are other options besides $200

Thanks @blackhearse but I want something that won’t get stuck when I’m in the middle of bum f*** no where. At this point I’m open to diy just to keep things safe in the bed.

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Production depends on orders. I need at least ten to make this viable given the cost of folding and powder coating the brackets. Delivery is guaranteed once payment is made.

Here’s a pic of the draw latch. Unfortunately, it can’t be directly fastened to the GFC extrusions…which is why we designed the brackets.
Draw latch pic

Is there no working prototype? Seems to me like that should be the first step before asking people to cough up $200.

No prototype at this point, but to be honest, its not that complicated a product. I have built custom camper van furniture that cost thousands of dollars with drawers and cabinet doors opening in three different directions (in the same cabinet) without a working prototype and they have all turned out just fine. I’m pretty sure I can get these two little brackets to fit the GFC V2 extrusions (assuming GFC gave me accurate dimensions).

That said, if I can get enough people for the order list (I need at least ten), then I’ll build a prototype before collecting any money. I’ll just need a local RTT V2 owner to volunteer for the fitting.

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