How to loosen/slide/move beef rack

In order to attach my bike rack to the beef rack I need to move the beef rack bars closer together. I have the alan key that fits into it but it won’t turn. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!


I’d spray them with some penetrating oil (pb blaster or similar), wait overnight and try again. Also make sure the allen wrench is a nice tight fit and the bolt head is free of any grime keeping it from fully seating. You may want to consider some new tnuts and hardware since the threads may be corroded and possibly weaker.

Thank you I will spray them. It’s a brand new GFC so maybe just super tightened when made.

I’m assuming the bolts are lefty loosey - correct?
Not budging so far…

GFC puts loctite on the threads. I know because I recently stripped the the head of my beef rack hardware trying to move the bars.

The hardware is also coated. It’s best to tap the allen wrench head in with a hammer to seat it before cranking it.

Tap allen key with a hammer worked great! Thanks Sunsetsearider!


Someone from GFC recommended that somewhere.

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I heated mine up with a soldering iron, but still ruined most of the bolts. Also bent or broke two allen wrenches. Red loctite is serious stuff.