How to replace the rear window

I knocked the window out with my bike handlebars… and we can’t get the thing back in. Two glass guys have no clue… they only do windshields.
So, anyone know how to get that back in? Google is not helpful either.

And I’m here to answer my own question.
The glass guy showed up.
There is a strip on the inside of the weather stripping that lines the window.
Spray wd-40 or whatever around the opening of the weather stripping, with the WS installed in the window opening.
Then take a canned ham tool (you’re welcome) and pry that safety piece out (working from the inside of the truck bed).
Shimmy the glass back into place from the inside of the truck bed, and then re-seal that safety piece back in place.
I saved you $80


THe safety piece does not come all the way off, fyi, it just pulls away from the main stripping.

Windex is a nice trick too if you need something slippery that dries with no residue. Glad you got it figured out!

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Thanks for sharing!

What is a “canned ham tool”?


Looks like the kind of thing used to open paint cans. It is what my grandmother used to open cans ham….

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Aha! The paint can reference worked like a charm, thanks!