How to securely buy/transfer build spot?

Hi, I’m looking for info on how to complete the transfer of somebody’s build spot? And what’s the safest way to pay and guarantee you’re getting what you pay for. Can you use pay pal and put a hold on the payment until GFC confirms the transaction?

It’s simple. Just setup a 3-way email chain between the seller, yourself and Support @ GFC.

First you get confirmation from GFC that the seller has indeed a reservation paid for under his name. GFC will ask for all your information to make the transfer.

Then send payment to seller and screenshot payment proof to the seller to GFC and you’ll be fine. There’s no reason to put a hold on anything since GFC simply replaces your name/info onto the original buyers slot.

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Got it, thanks :pray: :smiley: !!!

If you are worried use pay pal goods and services and add the fee the person will be charged on to the total.


I have done a few transfers and have just trusted that the person will do their part. People are 99.9% honest and great. Give them a call too. Often you can tell if someone is sketchy on the phone.


I got a confirmation email from the person that owned the spot and trusted they would transfer it after payment. GFC completed the transfer in less than 12 hours.


Could one transfer an “XL spot” and have a standard built? Or is the build spot married to the standard or xl size?

The build size is not married to the number. It can be changed up until you’ve finalized the options. I bought a standard size and they sent me the link to choose my options with the transfer information/confirmation. And we changed it to an XL.

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It would be really nice to know how to make sure that the seller could not cheat for sure. I have never been scammed yet, but I have never bought from too strange or suspicious individuals. It is really very easy to doubt people who are very insecure about what they sell. But it would be really cool to learn how to make a 3-way email chain between the seller, yourself and Support on paypal. I hope someone can explain in detail how to do this. I don’t really understand technology that much.’s-the-difference-between-friends-and-family-or-goods-and-services-payments-faq638

Read above link about PayPal goods and services. I used this when I purchased spot from another seller and when I sold my other spot and another time when I sold a bike across the country. I have had great luck with it.