How well do Yakima products play with the Tslot Halo?

Hello esteemed members of the forum. I’m strongly considering a GFC platform topper and would like to get some more insight/wisdom from the people who are currently using them.

I would like to make use of the longer HD bars by Yakima than provided by the beefcake bars. How well do Yakima bars/accessories work with being mounted using these GFC proprietary mounts? Are the proprietary mounts used just for the beefcake bars, or the beefcake bars and halo?

In my ideal scenario I would have the longer Yakima HD bars (assuming they can even be mounted) with nothing permanently mounted to them to make use of the whole span for carrying canoes. I would have the 7gal road shower plus an awning mounted to the halo. I ~might~ recall reading somewhere on here that it was not advisable to mount that much weight (specifically the water) to the roof top halo. Anyone have any insight?

I use the HD bars on my current setup, because I too did not want to buy a whole new set of load bars. I bought the beefiest L-brackets I could find, used the gzilla hardware. It has worked great with no issues. I have a box and I mount my recovery boards.
I personally would not mount water up there due to weight ans the height of that very dynamic weight. Also if you mount an awning you would only be able to use it when the tent is closed and parallel with the ground.
That being said you can reuse those bars and they do work great.
If your dead set on the shower, there is a member @Enduro_Woods_Rider that doubled up the struts to be able to have more weight on top when open because that is the limitation.
For reference my profile pic shows my current setup as above.

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@Cojo Thanks for the response. I guess I don’t understand the nature of their proprietary system. To my understanding: I would need to purchase the tslot accessories from go fast, and then use any suitable universal L bracket?

For what it is worth I am looking at the platform topper, not the tent version. Without the wedge tent should the halo be strong enough?

Sorry just realized you were talking topper not camper.
You can still use your Yakima bars with L brackets. Mounting hardware, you have two options.

  1. Use Gzilla or Gofast T-slot hardware
  2. Pop that top t-slot out and slide the Yakima A nuts in which fit perfectly as well. I know you can do this with the camper not sure about topper.
    I prefer the Yakima route at they have more surface area.

I would imagine that the topper could more than handle the weight you have in mind. Again since water is constantly moving you can ask the service line about those specs. Perhaps @Thayne knows or could ask his colleagues about those specifics.

Here is a link to the brackets I bought of Amazon.

They have held up far better then expected and they are beefy.

If you already have Yakima feet that work with the Yakima Landing Pad mounts I make a part called the YakMount that helps mount it to the topper using yakima parts. The main advantage i’d say over doing it yourself with brackets would be that you can easily remove it. But doing it yourself is always a great way to go!!/YakMount™-for-GFC/p/474787810/category=113909263

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Thanks for that info about the aftermarket Yakima adapters. Good to know that I should be able to rig everything up between these options.

I did email GFC support and they said that the aluminum extrusion for the rooftop halo can support 100 pounds, using one bracket for every 20 pounds but they advised against the water tank mounted there.