I Brake for Snakes GFC Truck Shirt!

Hey there,
Some of y’all may remember me as I had the first V1 GFC ever made and the new topper. For those that don’t, I’m Jim Bob and have been spreading the good word of “I Brake for Snakes” to help raise awareness while on trail for our legless friends. I was always wanting to create a shirt that would help raise awareness for snakes in a way that would resonate with the offroad community and after nearly a year of planning and working with my friend Paul Silva on a design we came up with this! Paul did a great job working with me to make this a reality. I got High Desert Print Co based out of Cuyama, CA to bring it into fruition! This is a hand silk-screened shirt that was 7+ screens on Gildan SuperSoft 6oz shirts, not a cheap digital transfer so these were made to last. Help raise awareness and Brake for Snakes, as always thanks for the support!

I Brake for Snakes Double Sided Silk Screened Shirt — Jim Bob Barnett


I remember, you’re one of the reasons why I have a V1 on my Tacoma.

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Seems that I’m a few days late to the post :/. Apparently also too late - mediums went fast. Holler when you get a restock @JimBob :metal: lol

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Yea those went so fast but I just ordered more and this time they’re on black shirts I’ll update the thread when they get here!


Right on brother. Looking forward to grabbing one!

I got new shirts made and they’re up on the site! This time they’re on black comfort colors which are combed cotton so a much nicer fit and feel to the Gildans. Only a handful of smaller sizes left!


Hi. Do you know if these shirt sizes run small or large?

I’m usually right between a M and L. I don’t tend to like baggy shirts. I’d love to rock a shirt, just wondering about which size to order.


They run pretty true to size but if you don’t like baggy definitely go medium. Just fyi there are only two mediums left!

Cool t-shirt! I don’t get the brake for snakes part and bringing awareness about snakes? Is the off-road community killing off the snake population or something?

Snakes are integral to their ecosystems and often times people on trails like to kill snakes, it’s a macho hardheaded mentality thing so it’s just a way to bring light to the fact that braking for a snake to cross a trail is a good thing.


Ordered! Almost checked too late!!!

FYI - there is either 1 or none of the mediums left because I just ordered 1.

THANKS!!! @JimBob :call_me_hand:t3:

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Awesome thank you! If you ordered today it went out today! I think all mediums sold out after your order haha

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Right on man. Looking forward to sporting it.

A long time ago - a guy in my unit - Colonel’s driver, used to intentionally veer into bar ditches, etc., to run over snakes, armadillo’s, skunks, or whatever attempted to get away. Pissed me off so badly, what was worse is that it was encouraged by the COL and other jackasses. Even as far as stenciling the creatures hit like downed pilots. Douches. Down here in OK, TX, that shit’s like a sport. Just ignorance. - A seemingly overwhelming amount of ignorance is concentrated down here.

Shared rant over.



Oh, I’m well aware I’m from Texas and grew up on my family’s acre cattle ranch. That’s actually where my love for snakes developed as I used to relocate snakes that the ranchers wanted to kill. Appreciate the support! I also just got hats back in stock, and a quick ethics statement. I don’t put my name, website, or anything on my merch because I am not trying to promote myself I just want to make cool snake related merch for people!


Got the shirt and sported today. Thanks man. And for the stickers too!

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Hell yea thank you again!

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Hey there I just re-ordered more shirts and ALL SIZES are in stock! You can also use the discount code: LOCALPICKUP for free shipping!

As always thanks for the support!

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@JimBob just got mine and am stoked, really high quality shirt and print. I have a silver 2nd gen so looks a lot like my rig. The only problem is my two year old is on the ground crying it wasnt for him, lol, might have to buy another shirt and make a patch for the back of his jacket!


And unfortunately, as you know, so many units in the military seem to promote that crap :confused:

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Haha I know I’ve thought about making kids sizes but the screens are set up so big I’m not sure they’d fit on a kids shirt!

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