I have a seam that's coming apart. Anyone deal with this?

The vent window on my drivers side. The seam that connects the zipper is peeling off. Maybe from the heat? I dunno. The camper is from Jan, so not old. And I’m not beating up those zippers. So not sure why the adhesive is failing.

Anyway, anyone else deal with this? Have a good adhesive to recommend to fix it?

This portion of the weekly thread should help you out!

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This happened to mine on the outside. I also got mine in January. I sent in a warranty request and they sent me a new tent.


Gorilla fabric glue for temp fix

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Can you keep us updated with how the install goes? Im in the same boat and want to save a trip to Bozeman if i can, but the video they sent me of the new tent install seems daunting to say the least

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:eyes: How bad is it? Mind sharing the link so the rest of us know what we’re in for if it ever happens to us?

Let’s see if this link works…


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To save you a bit of time watching the whole thing, you’d need to-
Remove camper from truck
Remove all electrical wiring from solar or lighting.
Remove rooftop
Open tent
Remove all rail covers
Pull all Keder cores
Then lay new tent in the frame
Push all edges into keder slots and insert keder
Replace rail covers
Replace rooftop
Rewire electricals
Re install camper


Must the camper be removed from the truck?

From what I heard it’s pretty easy but yea I will keep you posted. I plan on doing it this month. Will post update. Gorilla fabric glue works great for temp fix.


That was one of my many questions when I had emailed my service request. They said it did not need to be.
However my concern is for those who have all the electricals and lights in their tents, solar on their roof, etc. Kinda shitty.

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Yea, that is my biggest bummer. Im gonna have to pull my led lighting on the roof and wires from my solar panel from the battery to the solar panels and disconnect them.
But the video they show the guys standing at the front of the camper pushing the keder core into the slots by being right at the front. How are you going to do that with the camper still on the truck? That is some Olympic grade gymnastic stuff right there

Are the windows sewn in on the updated tent? Are these ones coming off just glued on to begin with?

I unfortunately had this happen. Mine was installed in January too. Apparently they were having a problem with their laminator at the time. The response was amazing though. I was looking for an excuse to see a friend in Bozeman so I went up for a tent swap. The guys were great and took care of it in an afternoon. They were able to do it with my truck parts LED lights installed too and even went out of their way to address a couple other questions/minor issues I had noticed.

I’m on my third tent…already have seams pulling on it as well…


Mine delaminated as well. Contact GFC they’ll send you a new tent or you can go in to get it replaced.