I want to buy your V2 spot

I’m willing to pay up to $1000.00 for a spot for my Jeep Gladiator?

Hello Timothy I have a spot available for Spring of 2022. I was able to secure an earlier spot so I don’t need this one anymore. Would love to sell it you. Please let me know if your interested. It is build spot 2521 @Timothy

I have a spot for november. ready for options.
email me tongwang1982@hotmail.com

what is your number and have they contacted you about the options yet

Just sent you a message

My buddy’s build spot is 2185 sent you a PM

Mine is 2254
So it is cheaper

Still available? looking for a v2 for a short bed tacoma

@Toyotafreaks and @Timothy sent u a pm

Thanks for the response and it worked i just bought a spot so happy camping to you all!!!

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