I want to run power to the upstairs bed, can I drill a hole through the bed platform?

I want to run power from my Jackery in the truck bed up to the “top floor” of the GFC… Is there any reason why I shouldn’t drill a hole through the front corner (wedge side) of the bed platform? It just needs to be large enough to run an extension cord.

I can’t see a hole that size ruining anything structurally but also I’m not sure if there’s anything internal in those panels or something that helps keep water out of the tent or whatever. I don’t want a hole to ruin the camper lol

Also if anyone has any pics/inspiration of how they ran power up top, that would be amazing as well.

Thank you!

I did this recently and on my v2 I had a slot in the floor that was plenty wide to fit wires in. This is also what I used to run wires upstairs for lighting.

The gap was already there? Or did you have to drill a hole to create that gap? TBH I’ve never really inspected my V2 for the gap so it would be awesome if it was already existing.

The gap was there. No drilling required. I did sand down the sharp edges on the metal but nothing else required.

Oh interesting, thanks for the tip! I’ll check mine out for that gap as well.

I drilled a small hole and added rubber grommets on both sides to make the hole look nicer.


Oh this is great, thanks! So I guess no issues structurally from adding a hole? Seems like it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

I don’t foresee a small hole like that creating structural issues. The panel is honeycomb so you might be able to even drill the hole in the open space to even further minimize the structural impact


I had a V1 that I drilled a hole in the front fixed partition corner on the drivers side big enough to run a 12V (Cig. STYLE) plug through to the tent
. I cut a pice of PVC pipe 1" long to make the hole look and feel finished. I’ve changed setups so I no longer have the GFC to include a picture.

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I run a cord up between the front panel and the large floor section. The sides have a gap, but drilling a hole would be a more permanent solution for sure.

Drill it! Totally an easy thing to do…

Here’s where I ran my solar cabling into the tent and then drilled a second hole to run into my truck bed. Definitely a bit worried doing it but easily done and finished very nicely.

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Oh this is great! The hole I was thinking about drilling is 2" - knowing what you know from already drilling a hole, do you foresee any issues with 2"? I can’t see it affecting structure, but figured I’d ask.

Thank you!

I drilled a 2" hole to install this outlet with no issues


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I bought the same thing! lol… Where did you install it? Any regrets on location? I’m thinking of putting it in the wedge-side corner of the tent… I guess I’ll just have to lift up the cushion whenever I need to plug something in.

Close to the corner that @Buhlockaye used in his picture. A little offset since I made a small hole in the corner to run power for my tent lights and solar panel wiring. Zip tied it the exact same way too. I plug my outlet into my Ecoflow which I keep in the bed of the truck. So in the bed of the truck I plug into my ecolfow and once I am in the tent, I plug my items or phone charger into the outlet. I can pop it open on my lunch time and give you a visual.

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Here are some images. I have made several holes, so you will be just fine with one :sweat_smile:


Amazing, thank you so much! I’m basically going to be doing exactly what you’ve done. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Glad I could help! Good luck with the mod

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Is your power station mounted in that position somehow, of just sitting there?

I just put it there for the picture. When I travel, I strap it to the top of my storage box. Storage box is strapped to the box I made for the bed of the truck. Here is a pic:
MicrosoftTeams-image (9)