Ideas for Cooking Inside

Hey y’all! The changing seasons got me thinking about having a back up plan to cook inside if the weather happens to get bad around meal time.

I tried just putting my stove and cutting board on the big movable panel which worked fine in a pinch. But it’s hard to work with 2 people and a dog in there when that panel is in place and I’d like to keep the stove down lower to prevent spitting grease or something from getting on the tent on accident.

I thought it might be cool to have a lagun table or something similar. Anybody rocking one of those inside? I’d be interested to hear some other ideas ad well!

small electric skillet plugged into Goal Zero yeti 1000. works great


Yeah two people and a dog sounds tough. I cooked inside the other night when the wind started picking up and it was raining. I think having a fan would be ideal.


I’m thinking about this. My next trip could be quite windy. Anyone have a good inside cooking setup?


If I have to I just put my stove on my frontrunner Wolfpack box with the extended lid flipped over to act as a catch tray prop a panel open a little with my 12v fan drawing air out so it doesn’t stink haha.

I prefer not to cook in a tent itself so only in the bed and only if I really can’t go out.

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I was planning on building a shelf using these foldable shelf brackets to make a table that folded down (mostly) flat when not in use. Ideally you could have it in the bed, or turn it around and have it over the side when the doors are open. Would need to build out some sort of vertical bracket in the bed attached to the rails to receive the shelf brackets.

I found this idea in the Super Pacific thread on Tacoma world. Starts at post 5567 in that thread if you want to check it out.