Ideas Needed for desk setup in back of truck

I am hoping to setup a flexible desk / working area in the back of the truck. Does anyone have any good desk setups/ideas for inspiration? Ideally, with a low comfortable chair and some kind of table. Double points if there is a standing configuration as well.

I have Bambeds in the back with containers underneath. Ideally, they can be repurposed to keep new items to a minimum. @bambeds

Are you able to utilize the transforming floor? Here’s how I do it (check out the 2nd video).

I bring an antique adjustable-height stool and move cushions out of the way… then good to work. So far I’ve done a handful of days like this and it’s servicable for me. And of course it’s possible to stand with the tent up.

@Ari Mounting some L extrusion to the C channel in the bed would give you the ability to place one board higher up (sitting on the L) and sit on the other. I haven’t personally tried this yet but it’s an idea I’ve been tossing around.