Ideas to protect top rear corner of RTT?

Tapping into the collective knowledge and creativity of this forum. We have a V2 RTT mounted on top of our very tall vehicle for extra sleeping options. Our ladder is fixed to the vehicle on the side and unfortunately lines up with the rear of the tent. This means that climbing on the roof requires some care so as not to step on top of the white panel on the tent. To mitigate I was thinking it would be smart to add some type of protective plate on the corner of the tent. I think it would be overkill to get the beef bars to create a larger walkable platform. Any ideas for protecting a 12" x 12" area where the weight can be distributed towards the outside edges of the tent?

The fallback is to add a rear ladder to the vehicle ā€“ but much more costly.

Maybe just a 1/4ā€ square of aluminum vhb taped down? Enough to spread out the load some?

Photo of where our fixed ladder drops you over the rear corner.

Iā€™m digging this idea. Wonder if 8020 would work as an alternative to the steel to potentially save on weight.