Ignik FireCan Deluxe Fire Pit

Has anyone tried this?
Deluxe fire can

While expensive, it looks nice for those nights you would love a fire, but the fire bans are in effect.
@Thayne looks like a cool solution for a 1 or 2 person easy clean up grill.

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I have the much much much much better version… bigger and better in every way…… so good that I own four of them…. LavaBox

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Super cool! Thanks for posting! Made in the USA (Colorado where I live) vs China…128k but vs 32k.Sold!!

Here the output of one of them on medium…… I’m a camp director and this was during a fire ban so that’s why I decorated it to give the campers a campfire experience


I have the regular (non deluxe) Firecan and it’s been fine. Actually I like it a lot more than I thought I would but one bummer is that it does not come with any rocks for the bottom of it, so you have to buy those separately. I used to think propane fire pits were dumb and “not enough like a real campfire” but I live in Colorado where we usually have fire bans that last for most of the summer and have to admit that it’s actually really nice to use. It’s on the small side but good for 2-3 people.

One thing to consider is most of those ammo can fire pits are not UL or CSA listed so depending on the jurisdiction they may not be permitted during a campfire ban (YMMV)… But just like a Tacoma’s GVWR it’s mostly ignored :metal:

I “repurposed” a UL certified propane fire pit into 40mm grenade launcher ammo box. It’s super easy. Buff / burn the paint off, replace with high heat paint or leave it raw. When hooked up to a 20psi regulator and you can get the flames over 4’ high. Depending on the area / fire regulations I may just bring the big box store 100% legit version to be on the safe side.

Ammo Box

Big box propane fire pit

The fire ban in Montana happened so early last year. Def would have looked at one of the self contained propane ones. Camping is not “camping” without a fire at night especially in the summer months.

I completely agree that Lavabox > Ignik, although I have the Krakatoa, their largest box. At full throttle, flames are 5-6 feet and heat can be felt 10 feet away. The stones that come with it retain heat well. Best parts are no smoke chasing you around the campfire and no after-fire maintenance (killing active coals, scattering and covering ashes, etc). Add a grill on top and you’re justified in using it as your propane cooking device which gets around most no-burn situations.

Exactly this…. I used a Primus over it to cook