iKamper Self-Inflating Mattresses For Roof Top Tents

UPDATE! As of October, 2023, all new orders of the Platform Camper, Platform RTT, and all those currently in production now ship with our new Turbo-Nap Sleep System mattress included. We spent more than a year developing the Turbo-Nap mattress and we think it’s hands-down the most comfortable mattress on the truck camper market.

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Has anyone tried the “RTT Comfort 5087: perfect for the X-Cover Mini (one panel). Measures 50” x 87"?

Seems it’s almost perfect for the normal size platform camper. Been trying to find an alternative to the EPED @ 52" wide. This seems like it would fit perfect. Any thoughts?

There are many options ,this member sent some pics of his set up I have the same set up
The two mats are slightly larger than the tent width which makes it snug but we like that.
No gap on the sides and two mats give you options.
I leave them in the tent.

If you try this let us know! I’m interested to hear if it’s a perfect fit. I love the new iKamper mattress. With 5 inflating & deflating valves it comes together and packs away super quick! (I’ve been using one with my Skycamp Mini, but will be switching to a GFC soon).