I'm so done with winter

I know we need the water but I would really like to see the sun for more than a couple of hours.

That is all. Here are some foxes to make up for my complaining


I agree. Summer can’t come too soon.



I live in Phoenix and even I can’t wait for the summer.

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I’d take some of your winter if you like. This year was boring. there was no ice fishing. Sunday was the second time I had use the snowblower and that round of snow melted by Tuesday. Usually you don’t see the grass for at least 3 whole months. it was an upside down year for sure. LA gets snow and the Ohio snowbelt gets nada

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Shared your pic with my girls–we love it!

Well (as I look outside at it snowing), I take responsibility for this since we have a construction project that was supposed to start this fall…about the same time we got our first couple feet.

On the plus side, I’m at 47 ski days so far (with literally some of the best powder days of my life) and I imagine that there will be some couloirs to ski all the way to next winter…


Thanks :slight_smile:

I am not against snow, I have actually had a number of great days photographing in the snow and getting stuck in my house for 2 days due to the amount of snow in my neighborhood and hiking to my property due to 10 foot snow drifts… But I would really just like some sun… Sweet sweet sunshine instead of the continual gloom…

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From my shitty Fujifilm disposable the other day here in Bozeman. A lazy bit of spring split-boarding still sounds nice, but bike season can’t come soon enough.


I lived in Hawaii for few years and the sun EVERYDAY got boring too! today is day #2 of 6 days of rain forecast. It will turn around soon :crossed_fingers: kayak season is coming quick!

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Its 80 degrees in western Virginia today.
Feeling pretty damn good…

I’d post a pic of my truck if it wasnt in the shop for the 3rd time this month… brand new, less than 8k on the odometer…woof

Just got it back. All under warrenty…

Mind you this disgusting window is at my work… lol


53Âş yesterday in Missoula MT. Spring is def on the way here :slight_smile:


Unpopular opinion, but I wish we could have winter year round. :snowflake:


There is this awesome place you can go that is either as far as you can go north or south. When your compass starts to just spin around you will be in the perfect spot to find winter all year long :wink:


ha I have heard of those magical lands


Let’s be honest I would join you for a trip to either of those places but my solar powered attitude would definitely need to be recharged before going :sunny:


It’s snowing in Portland this morning. :cold_face: :-1:


I got another 6 inches already today and it isn’t stopping…

ha, we got like multiple feet over the week and I luckily snuck in a move in between. been a good ski season but ready for summer!

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quit bragging and share the snow! it’s 55F right now and no snow in the 8 day forecast… just rain and more rain

Yeah man, winter is a drag. Its 60 and sunny today in Colorado Springs, so thats pretty awesome…this time of year though you just never know what you’re gonna get - we could have 10F and blizzard conditions in a couple weeks :rofl:

You can’t beat summers in Coloraro, I just wish they were a little longer! Winter drags on a little too long IMO.


Ah man, I miss those summers living down in Denver and heading our nose southward to rip Captain Jacks. While our’s are even shorter, it’s good to be home these days, because Montana summers are somethin’ else. However, I’ve also seen a bear with paws the size of frying pans rip a man’s face clean off.

Safe to visit, just don’t move here ya know? :face_with_peeking_eye: