In tent storage

Anyone made or modified any pouches and attached them to the V2 track along the interior of the tent? I need somewhere to stash my phone and whatnot when sleeping.

Check out Scott is going to have a great tent storage solution soon. Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve seen any solution that hang down flush with the tent. Is that what you’re referring to?

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Yup. I just need a couple of pouches. Seems the easiest thing to do is to hang them from the track on the inside. (On the newest campers theres a track in the corner right where the fabric meets the roof panel… I’ve seen T track along the roof panel on older models and that’s not what I’m talking about.)

these work great velcroed to the ceiling


That would be a great idea! Bring it up to @WrinkledPants at He’ll get you sorted I’m sure :metal:

Have you checked out VRNCLR? Tom makes some great stuff, all hand sewn and the top shelf bag is awesome for in tent storage.

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great tip. Ordering some myself now. Thanks!

I can’t take the credit. it was somebody else on here pointed me to them… I can’t remember who

EDIT: they are strong enough to hold my full size 1911 and extra mag

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I have two of those on my ceiling and two attached at the end of the bed next to the tailgate.

They work, yes… However… I kind of wish I would have waited for a nicer solution like what Overland Softgoods is going to make. I think it just cheapens the look on the ceiling.

you already went with the least expensive wedge style camper on the market… just saying

edited to change cheapest to least expensive because these campers aren’t cheaply made