Indiana to Belgrade, MT to Glacier National Park in 48 hours

Build #1766- I drove from NE corner of Indiana to Belgrade for Install. Guys at GFC were gracious enough to squeeze me in a day early when I stopped by on a Saturday to verify Sunday appointment. Thanks! Took a dirt nap and headed to Glacier National Park area, actually ended up in Flat Head National Forest and Boondocked for 5 days 50 miles into National Forest near Hungry Horse, MT. On one 120 mile day trip hit Werner Peak after spending 2 hours creeping up shelf roads in 4lo. GFC stayed intact and didn’t waiver in mounting system over extreme terrain. Well worth the wait!


Hello fellow hoosier - nice looking V2 camper, I did a similar trip last year. I can’t wait to get back out west. Enjoy your time!


I’m in Ohio. We spend time in Montana and North Carolina each year. How did you go about finding those beautiful spots to camp? Can you always camp in your gofast on national forest land so long as you are off the road?