Inside Camper Thermometer

Found a few thermometers online, wondering if anyone has one that they really like. Want it to help manage temperature for my kids. Thanks.

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It was a gift years ago so I don’t know where it was bought. Has a 24 hr cycle where it keeps track of highest and lowest Temps and humidity. Takes the mystery out of the how cold did it get last night question. Only had to replace battery once in over 5 years too.

Ill see if I can track it down. Thanks.

That looks pretty nice for the purpose. I found this one that looks very similar:

That looks pretty identical. Not much $ either. Oh and it takes one AA battery and the 24 hr cycle starts when you put in the battery. I like mid morning to insure I get the days high and low.

I got one of these

First Alert CO710A 10-Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Temperature & Digital Display

It’s great because I mainly got it as a CO detector, and the perk was the temperature which turns out to be super helpful.

Waggle. I can monitor it from my phone when my dog is inside.

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