Install: KC->MT-(Your Suggestions)->KC | Aug 21st

I will be headed to GFC the 20/21st for the install of the camper. I plan on getting up fairly early on the 22nd and driving through yellowstone as I have never been. I had planned on going several years back but only made it to Jackson Hole area before my 4runner decided to start showing signs of concern. I plan on staying in Jackson Hole the night of the 22nd. That leaves me with the 23rd through the 27 to get back to midwest Kansas area.

I would appreciate input on places I should see and specifically suggestions on camp locations to put the new tent to the test. Something to keep in mind is I will have my pup Ed with me.

I am trying to stick to the areas in yellow. I have been to the areas in purple but not opposed to those areas again as I know I have not seen all aspects of those areas.