Install options windows and tent fabric

Anyone wish they had made different decisions on windows vs no windows and tent fabric color? I’m likely going with windows and tangerine but I equally see the advantages going with brown fabric (more natural lighting in the tent) and no window (more security).

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I’m happy with the “brown/slate” color. Also the doors really help with air flow. I definitely needed it the last trip…


I’m happy with the slate tent fabric color and having windows… I’ve been pondering if I should tint the rear window. :+1:

I did that as soon as I got home!

I’m constantly checking my mirrors so having the windows was an awesome option for me. I’ve driven vehicles before that were blocked by solid rear panels and disliked only having side mirrors. I don’t see it negatively affecting security as someone could just pry the panels open if they really wanted my stuff. Tinting the rear window may be a good option to avoid the nosey Nancy’s.

As for the tent fabric, I opted for the stone color. I sometimes regret not getting tangerine but then I think about my reasons for buying the camper. I want to be a part of nature, not stand out in it. If it was strictly a campground tent, different story.

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I have both side windows and rear windows. No regrets.

I can understand why someone might pass on the rear window, but the side windows really make for a wonderful environment when you are hanging out “upstairs” in a beautiful place. Also, very nice to have on warmer nights.

As far as tint fabric goes… Do you want to stand out or blend in? Are you doing it for the gram’ or to be out in nature?

For me the windows weren’t worth it because they are always to dirty to see out of and they don’t open. You would be better off buying windows that open and have screens and installing them.

I like my windows. They get dirty but they let in light ifvyou need to hunker down inside with doors shut and tent not popped up. Also I use mine to see who’s behind me as well when driving. Along with the mirrors.

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I have the orange tent but switching to grey during an upcoming warranty swap after a year of use. We have needed to stealth camp a few times and the orange was not ideal. I also didnt love the black seams with the orange…sort of has a construction vibe imo.

That large white roof panel doesn’t add much to “stealth” so I’m looking into some kind of vinyl wrap.

I went with slate tent color and windows and am very happy with the decision.

Tent color: I love the looks of the orange but I too sometimes camp and don’t want to draw a lot of attention so feel like the slate helps in that regard. I also think the slate helps hide dirt, grease and mud easier.

Window: I agree no window = better security but I love the visibility. Just being able to peak inside is convenient, and more importantly when backing and maneuvering in the woods it’s nice to have a view. I also appreciate the window during highway travel on my way to and from adventure just from the perspective of seeing vehicles.

I have the tangerine tent and don’t even have an Instagram account. It’s about much more than social media. While I don’t think you can make a wrong decision on tent color, morning light in the tent is why I chose tangerine.

I got tent windows, camper windows & orange tent. Tent windows are awesome, camper windows are great as I like to be able to see out of my rear view mirror. Tent fabric I might do differently as others have said. The orange is a little loud when popped up out in the wild. I would likely do the slate color if I were ordering again to blend in better.

I don’t think you were asking about exterior color but my 2 cents on that is that the black panels get HOT in direct sun. I might consider white if I were placing my order today.