Interior Accessory mounts

Hi, just thought I’d share my use of Axia Roll Cage quick fist mounts for mounting an axe and shovel. Worked perfectly and thinking of using them to mount a fire extinguisher and possibly my VSSL containers.


Those look good. I’ll have to check them out.

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And for the record it’s the 1.5” size that fits the bars on the GFC.


Very cool! Are those the large all purpose 1"-2" ones?


Yes, that’s correct!

Link here!


Ooooo this definitely answers my question about how to attach Quick Fist mounts to the GFC V1 frame. Thank you!

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@CanadianZR2.0 Those Axia QFs look great. I’m looking to do something like this on the front-diagonal frame of my V1, the frame which borders the window looking into the cab. Can the Axia’s mounting strap be slipped thru the roughly 1/8” gap between frame tubing and the GFC’s fixed front panel? I can’t tell from their website how bulky their mounting strap is at its ends. Thanks for any tips.

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I literally just sold my V1 camper yesterday, and just removed these mounts from my side frame, but based off my experience of wiring and zip tying some wires to the front tubing, I don’t think the mounts would be able to fit through that gap without scratching the panel, as the Axia mounts are quite beefy. Though you may be able to temporarily remove the front panel, as it appears to be quite simple to remove, put the mounts on, and re-attach the front panel.

I hope this helps!

These are great! Do you know the size for the V2?

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