Interior camper height

I would like to know the interior height from truck bed floor to ceiling, with the tent down, and with the bed panels removed, for a 16-23 ToyotaTacoma. I dont have my GFC yet, but pondering layouts for stealth camping.

You’re better off leaving the bed panels in as the tent fabric will absolutely destroy any usable height you’d gain from having them removed.

I tried that once and the tent just hangs down into the truck bed making it all but useless space at that point.

I think @Buhlockaye might be able to do measurements for a Tacoma build out with the platform camper with bed panels in place.

Yea it is a lot of fabric now that I think about it. Thanks for the response :+1:

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Don’t have an exact number on hand but believe it’s about 41” or so.

I also recommend leaving the panels in place as you won’t gain much more room and as @Dogandajeep said, the fabric will fall down.

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Mine is 41" from the bottom of the floor panels to the OEM bedmat, without the bedmat you probably get another 1/2". I have a 22 Tacoma Off Road.

Thanks for the help, just 29 more weeks to go

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