Interior dimensions from truck bed to GFC platform topper ceiling?

Hey all,

As the subject asks, does anyone know what the interior dimensions are from the truck bed to the ceiling height of the GFC platform topper? I’m not sure if that dimension changes from truck make to truck make? In my case, it’s a 23 hybrid Maverick. Thanks in advance.

I’m also running a hybrid Maverick (22 MY) and will get you the dimensions, but I need a little more info - do you mean with the tent up or with it closed?

Until then, here are some measurements I have on-hand:

Hey Emma,

Thanks for the info! I was actually referring to the platform topper (not the topper with tent), but the info you provided is helpful none the less. Not sure if there is a difference between the two but if you get a chance I’ll take that dimension with your tent closed.


From the bed to the bottom of tent (closed) is right about 3’ 4" or 40". I have a BedRug in the back so the measurement was actually 39 21/32", if you need a more precise #.