Interior dimensions of GFC v2

Hey y’all! Looking for the height from truck bed to:

  1. The bottom of the camper bed, and
  2. The top of the tent when the camper bed floor is pushed aside.

I’m working on building out the back of the truck while I wait for the camper. Knowing how much standing height I have to play with will be helpful in decision making here.

I have a 2021 Tacoma access cab long bed.

I found a few other forum topics that asked this from last summer, but can’t find the answers. Sorry if this is a dupe!

I’d like to know as well. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, gathering info but I do have the exact same truck. Hopefully someone can chime in.

I finally have mine so I can get you some dimensions when I get home from work.

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If you could can you measure the stand up height with the tent in the open position? I was planning on going with the Decked System and I cannot find where the measurements of the tent are when its open.

Found a Tape in the truck so I’ve got dimensions earlier! I am a 2018 ACLB.

From the truck bed (i measured from the top of the ribs that make up the floor) to the underside of the sleeping platform is 41"

I then moved all of the camper platform. The lowest measurement (closest to the cab) of where you could still stand in the truck bed to the underside of the tent roof was 76 1/2"

The tallest measurement (closest to the tailgate) of where you could still stand in the truck bed to the underside of the tent roof was 100 1/2"

If you need any other dimensions give me a shout.

I am running a 10" high platform that I can store gear underneath and it seems like it should be no problem for me loosing space and I am 6’ 1"

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That’s perfect! Thank you! Decked sits about 12.5H, so it shouldn’t be an issue. I’m 5’9” wife is 5’4.

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