Interior Lighting

Whats everyone been using for interior in camper and tent? Strings of LEDs I assume? I plan to go with some USB plugs to start so my handheld battery packs can run them until I get the truck set up with aux battery and solar later this summer.

Any pics of your setup would be cool to see, how you attached, how you power them, etc.

Also, not lights, but what cargo net is that I see everyone have in the back of the truck bed mounted with carabiners on the frame?

Thanks all


Here’s a link to the thread this has been discussed on.

I’m dong the LED kit from TruckParts like @crazyfingers posted.

With two built in dimmers and the LED’s can be red or white, it was a no brainer for me seeing as I am illiterate when it comes to any sort of wiring.


what is going to be your power source?

Anker battery packs at first, until I can get my dual battery, dc-dc charger, solar and plug-ins wired to the bed

$375 for some tent lights? I’m not sure I’m going to go that far. My hunting buddy has packed in an $8 string of copper wire/LEDs that plug into our battery banks with a USB…we string em up in the trees around camp and it seems to do the job just fine. Was maybe looking at stepping up to the larger LEDs in the clear tubing, but I don’t need anything super crazy. Mainly just looking for mounting ideas.

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I have a dual battery setup in the hood I’ll be hardwiring into, and I also have two solar panels that connect to a goal zero 1200

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I use a multicolored strand of these in the tent, leaving them on red during the buggy seasons. Cheap, bright, and P-A-R-T-Y ready (kidding about the party…) I personally prefer simple solutions. No wiring and use 3 rechargable AAA’s. Same for the bed. I just hang them from extra D-rings.

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My family and I often travel and go hiking, so we sleep in tents often. We do not use lamps because all devices are impractical due to their size. My husband has a set of light strips Vont Smart Light Strip For Car - Vont. Usually, they are in the car, but we take them to the tent during trips. And it looks very beautiful. If I find the photos, I’ll attach them later. Many people buy flashlights, which can be a lamp. Someone uses candles, which are enough for exactly one night. Everyone chooses the lighting that is convenient for them.

Here is my set up!

All Amazon and very reasonably priced…less than $30 per light strip!


Truck parts looks interesting because of the dimmers and light choices. Plug and play. But sold out?! Bummah.

What lights and how are they powered?

I (meaning my son) installed the Madcap Supply light kit the day I picked up my GFC, just over a month ago - I use a “Bold North Outdoors” battery box that I’ve had a few years/use for ice fishing, and I’m a big fan of both. Longest stint camping so far was 5 days out, and still had 90% or so of battery left. Red or white, and a dimmer, and an upstairs/downstairs switch, in an all-in-one kit, sold me on the Macap setup. Yeah, it’s expensive, but as they say “buy once, cry once” and it fit my needs perfectly. Easy to install, good instructions/videos online, maybe took 30 minutes or so, with 2 of us?

Lots of battery options- I didn’t want to drain my starting battery/wanted it separate:


What type of glue/tape are these using? Seems like every 3m option keeps melting in my set up from the heat.

I used these from Amazon. 39$ and you can control them from your phone or the remote has every color and different patterns. I just realized I have no pictures of it on the truck. I’ll post some later. The 3m on these has held up for over a year.

Car Underglow Lights, SUPAREE Exterior Under Car LED Strip Lights with APP Control, Neon Accent Music Lighting Kit for Outside Golf Ford Truck ATV RZR UTV Boats Off Road AUTO - 4Pcs

Here are the pics


Did you hardwire to your battery or running the cigarette lighter?

Has anyone installed the GFC kits that GTFO and 1876 sell? They’re Hard Korr light bars.

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I got the kit from GTFO and love it. I ended up buying a few more of their bars for the tent and side doors so I have light outside when I open up the shell. They’re super bright, dimmable, and so far really durable. I just mounted them to the frame using sticky tape and hardwired them to my alt battery. Honestly I’m surprised I don’t hear more about them, for the price they’re amazing.


If you don’t want to deal with wiring anything, I would highly recommend these:

They come in a pack of 4, you can charge them all simultaneously with the quad split plug, and they have varying brightness levels as well as an orange light mode. They also attach to whatever with a built in elastic latch.

I keep 2 in the truck bed at all times and when I camp I throw one up in the tent and they illuminate everything perfectly for what I need.


I have their V1 version and they are awesome.

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