Interior Vertical Dimension -Tacoma 3rd gen

Can anyone with a 3rd gen Tacoma share the dimension in the picture below? I’d like to know the vertical head room clearance from the bed to the underside of the tent assembly (bottom of space frame above tailgate).

If possible, I’d like to transport my bike similar to how I currently do, but it’s going to be a tight fit with height from looks of it… Second picture is how it currently rides in my truck.


That height measurement is 40 1/4"

Is there a reason you want to do it this way? Seems like it would be a colossal waste of space for a GFC. And a PITA to boot with the side panels. Why not just construct a board fork mount? I’m not criticizing, just wondering. Maybe there’s a good reason, but a fork mount would seemingly be better to me.


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I’m planning to put a fork mount on the tailgate as well for when I have the bed loaded up on trips. This set up would be for local rides within an hour of my place, ideally with a front wheel chock so I can just roll it in and go.

Thanks for pulling that dimension, looks like I’m about 2" too tall…

Might be just perfect if I can compress the fork down to get past the space frame… I guess I will see in December!

You can run without the tent floor in the highest area. That may help with fitment…


Why not just lie the bike in the bed or use the tailgate pad? Is there a reason to strap it down like its a 250 lb dirt bike?
Nice bike!

Thanks! The bike is new(to me), which is part of the reason I strap it down like that. Hanging it over the tailgate leaves the fork stanchion rubbing on the pad, and even though it has the fancy kashima coating it still made me nervous (those pads are kinda rough, it wore a hole through the helicopter tape on my downtube in the first few weeks I had the bike).

Same thing with leaving the bike bouncing around in the bed, just doesn’t feel right…

Yeah these bikes are super expensive. Almost the cost of the gfc. When loaded with gear I put my bike on a hitch rack. Makes me nervous when someone rides my ass in traffic…

Yeah I’m considering a hitch rack, but I have a high clearance rear bumper with an integrated receiver behind the license plate, which obstructs the tailgate from dropping flat when there’s anything in it (Minorly annoying with the dirt bike carrier, wouldn’t work for me if I left a bicycle rack on full time)… Shitty design, but I bought it for cheap when pelfreybilt went out of business, after getting rear ended coming over Donner pass in a storm. Maybe I need a new bumper haha…

Lots of decisions with the new camper on the way…

Anyone else have creative ways of carrying bikes with a GFC? Probably already a thread somewhere on here I imagine…

I’m trying to find a way to do one of those bike slides like you see in the vans. Would be pretty easy to do with a base plate and then just build out the slide with fork mounts accordingly. However I want things to be completely removable so i can still use the full truck bed - I haven’t figured it all out yet.

A key requirement for me is that the forks of the bikes go towards the front of the truck. This way the handlebars are out of the way when loading and unloading the truck. If not for that requirement, I’d just do the lazy fork mount board

I drape a long micro fiber rag over my tailgate pad before loading the bike, so my downtube and fork are only touching the rag. Been working great even on the miles of washboard dirt roads I drive to access the local trails.

I don’t have any pics but I have hauled a couple bikes in the bed of my Gen 2. I just compressed the forks and used the lock out to keep them compressed.

Any issues with driving washboard roads/ highways with the rear panel open? The new hinges look pretty beefy but just worried about panels flying off especially on the freeway

in my experience, the hinges aren’t what worries me, it’s the struts and leaving the panels open.

I’ve had to haul some things and leave the back open and my struts don’t stay up, sorta bounces up and down even on a paved road…

Sorry, that was in reference to my 2006 tacoma that doesn’t have a gfc on it.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable rallying the local roads with a panel open, or any road for that matter.

I don’t think you have to worry about your panel flying off on the freeway. My only concern about having a panel open is damage to the struts or maybe even the glass window if you have it. If you tie it down it limits the bounce but not completely. The thing I miss the most about an open bed is being able to hang my bike or kayak out the back. It’s great that the new hinge design is stronger but personally I am looking forward to the added functionality that I can take the whole panel off.

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I missed the part about the added functionality of removing panels, I like that.

Hi slopes925! That’s actually my truck in that pic and I ride MTB also. I’ve had my GFC about 6 months and I’ve tried a lot of different ways of hauling my bike. If my fridge isn’t in the back, I just lay it down on a moving blanket. I also used a fork mount base plate that I fabricated for a while. If doing that, for me it’s easier to load the bike toward the tailgate. It’s just easier to roll the back of the bike in there and attach the fork. A bike tray would be nice but I just don’t have enough room for that when traveling as a family. Anyway, I’m ordering a 1Up rack for my hitch. I have a swingout for my bumper but don’t leave it on there all the time. I’ll weld a hitch receiver on my swingout for the times I need it all. My bike is a priority so I’m constantly trying to figure out the easiest way to haul it. Check me out on Instagram @here4adventure. I’ll be glad to help with any GFC info I can.

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