Internal wire routing

Just installed my Weboost and ran wires into the GFC and will install solar soon. How have you guys been routing wires inside of the GFC? Would like to hide it as much as possible

I used cloth wiring loom with a mix of zip ties and adhesive wire clips for the exposed wires and plastic corrugated loom for the areas that aren’t visible.


Drilled a small home in the honeycomb floor and added some rubber grommets on the top/bottom

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Any recommendations on the cable clips? I’ve bought so many that just ended up not sticking

These are the clips I used. Prep is important too, I cleaned the area and then gave it a wipe with rubbing alcohol. They’ve been sticking since September 2022 so not a real long term test but they made it through the tail end of our summer heat and held all winter in the cold.

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