Is everything from the factory now a V2?

Had spot #1969, just bought spot #1230 today and sent in specs. Probably should have asked first, but is everything rolling out of the factory now a V2?

What was the cutoff date or build spot # for the last V1s?

Couldn’t find it posted anywhere, sorry for the dumb question.

Pretty sure yes - but looking for confirmation from @GFC_Taylor.

I believe so but remember now that with the V2, it is not based off of number anymore. So just because you bought that number doesnt mean you will be starting anytime soon. It could for sure, but there are also people who were about to start who found out that they will now be waiting until early summer. Its based off of the truck you have vs the number that you just purchased.

True, I’ve read those threads. It pays to own a Tacoma it seems, which luckily, i do. Was told today its a March start.

Yes that will be a V2. Cutoff was around or slightly below 1100. I missed it being 1081 :sob::sob:

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