Is the camper weatherproof?

well, we just gave our little camper a pretty good test. two nights ago, just before we hit the sack, a line of cloud moving at about 100 mph appeared, soon followed by that sort of wind at ground level. next came rain that was turned into smoke by the wind, then one inch hail. this was followed by smaller hail and a couple of hours of rain.
the hood on our 03 tacoma got small dents, and the windshield got another star of cracks. the camper ? ZERO damage, and our ludicrous luxurious bedding was bone dry ! the tent looks like it might leak, the way it is fastened to the aluminum frame, but I was SO wrong about that !


We had a number of nights if EXTREME wind events in Death Valley in March and the camper performed superbly. We pointed the nose of the truck into the wind, which was strong enough at times that the gas struts were being compressed a half inch or so during the gusts. We put ear plugs in and slept great. The tent fabric did move a bit but much less than a standard tent. My only complaint was that even with the windows zipped up, we were getting some dust in the tent through the window flap and between the snap points that hold the fabric to the frame. Otherwise it was great.

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