Is the GFC an escape for city folk?

Hear me out on this. I have always loved camping and being in the outdoors since I was a kid. I got my gfc early on back in 2019. I grew up in the country but moved to the city a long time ago for work and school but somehow never left. I enjoyed parts of city life but was always traveling into the foothills and sierras to escape the city. Most of us are alike in that we love the outdoors and we love being somewhere it’s quiet and you can escape the sounds and smells of living in a city.
I also believe that having neighbors side-by-side around you helps motivate you to leave that place and find somewhere that you can see the stars burn brighter. Am I right? The city has a lot of opportunities when it comes to work school and all that stuff but most of us are always trying to escape it.

Last year I finally got out of living in the city. I now live in a pretty rural area with about three and a half acres of land. Previous to living up here I would escape in my GFC just so I could go have a fire in the hills and enjoy the sound of nature even if it for was for one night. Now I can have a fire on my own property with those same sounds. The hobbies I do like mountain biking, dirt bike, hiking, and snowboarding are all closer now which mean the need to pack everything up and sleep in my truck isn’t the same. I have still been camping but not as much as when I was in the city.

So what’s my point here? I’m not really sure but if you are finding that the GFC is your escape may I add that the best escape is one out of the city life for good.


Amen brother, I grew up and live in the city but weekends are always out in the “country” or as country you can get in densely populated northeast Ohio. Not having the GFC never stopped me before and never will. it just makes it easier.

this past weekend I went out and was the only person since snow fall to hit up the Harrison state forest campsite. it was just me, coyotes and owls all night long. on my way back home I stopped at Atwater? lake to ice fish still with only a couple others braving the cold. I struck out on catching anything but still better than sitting at home watching tv.


I find that as I get older and my friends are getting older that we find more excuses to not get out. I think the camper takes away one of the excuses as it can be more daunting to pack up camp gear/activity gear/food/bedding.

I also like the platform as it’s going to give me more flexibility with my dog.

You’re not wrong though I’ve lived in the city for a long time and then lived in a village in Norway with only a few hundred full time residents and now live in a small town adjacent to a medium sized town in an outdoors paradise. What I’ve found with where I live now is I don’t venture as far away from home to other places I love as much and I think the quick pack up and go of the GFC is going to help get me moving around a bit more.

My 2 cents.


For me - the smells of the city are what brought me here and keep me here. Especially near trash day.


100%. When we bought our GFC we lived in the city and it was a cruicial part of our setup for getting out of town. The whole idea was to make a setup that we could just throw backpacks with clothes and food into and hit the road. It worked great, we slept in it 100 times in the first two years we owned it.

Now that i can work remotely we’ve moved to 10 acres on a rural remote island ;). The GFC isn’t seeing as much use these days, but it’s still the best topper i’ve ever had.

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This makes me think of my good friend who lived in New York City. He constantly forgot my name and referred to me as a “Hill Billy”. Why I was learning the family trade of subsistence off of the land, he was learning how to navigate a boardroom. He used to share photos of the city lights at night and I would send him mason jars of disgusting “wine”… Miss that guy - he was taken in a subway stabbing with a switchblade knife. They robbed him of $43 and he paid with his life. If I ever found the guy who did it, I would spit my chewing tobacco in his eye and probably threaten him with bodily harm but we shouldn’t be threatening people online (even fake people referenced in popular music)… you know why? Cuz a country boy can survive


Grew up in Chicago, raised the family on 14 north of the Twin Cities, now 57 acres in TX.
At 59, I don’t do as much summer camping as when the boys were growing up, however the quest for the stars has never wained.
I use the Gofast for hunting season in the northern states every fall.
Though I my balls busted in TX for having a topper, at 59, my Give-a-damn is broken as far as what their opinion is😂
I love it, and glad I have it :+1:


Yeah when I lived in the city we tried to escape the rat race every weekend. Driving countless hours
Just to camp and see the stars and relax without so many people around.
Know that we live on 45 acres in the middle of nowhere I haven’t had any real desire to leave.
But I am excited to have the gofast to explore my new area. And be able to do quick overnighters on the fly.
Fuck the rat race. I’m just tryna chill.

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I live in portland Oregon, picked up my GFC in November, haven’t slept in it yet, but to pop it and change after XC ski or MTB has been great, to do a night ride then hang out in the truck bed with friends and the GFC popped is really delightful. To do trailwork and then pop the GFC so my 18 mo. old has a place to play/sleep while we hang out is pretty awesome. It is so simple and easy.