Is the GFC easy to remove?

So, I just bought a 2017 F150. I’m PUUUUUMPED!

We have already used it in multiple ways and I am excited about it’s versatility.

I would really love to get a GFC, I just have one pretty huge hang up.

I’m not sure I’m 100% committed to running a topper 24/7.

How easy would it be to remove/reinstall?

I have a place to store it behind my house and could easily rig some type of hoist back there as well.

I’m not thinking this will be an every weekend thing, but I could see taking it on/off for a few weeks at a time and then maybe putting it back on for camping, etc.


Not easy…
The versatility is what makes the GFC so nice to leave on. I love my GFC, but I have always liked toppers on my trucks. The GFC just happens to be a great topper. There are many advantages to having a topper. My opinion.


I’ve done it a few times and I wouldn’t call it easy or hard, even with a hoist. Mostly time consuming, undoing all the hold downs and disconnecting the brake light. Id be worried about the bulb seal being exposed for however long you plan to leave it off. I dont see any downside to having the GFC on all the time, not much I can’t do with my truck with it on. Plusses far outweigh any negatives.

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If ease of removal is a priority I’d look into the Superlite. But like the others said, unless you’re regularly carrying tall items, the camper doesn’t really affect the usability of the truck.

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