Is the Superlite a discontinued product?

When I view the products listed on the site, I see the V2 platform tent and the V2 rooftop tent, but I don’t see the Superlite anymore. My Superlite is scheduled for delivery soon, so I’ll be getting mine. But it would be nice to know that I’m not buying a product that’s discontinued before I even receive it.

Anyone know what’s going on?

The page is still there: Superlite Roof Top Tent - GoFastCampers I had to use Google to find it though. I doubt its discontinued but regardless just enjoy it! GFC has always stood behind their products.


It’s not discontinued per se, I think it’s just on hold due to pandemic-related supply constraints.


It looks like it actually MAY BE discontinued. Yes, the product site is still there, and if you click on ORDER you get notification that if you’ve already put down your cash for one, you’ll get it. But they’re not making any more in 2021…and don’t seem to be committing to manufacturing any more of them in 2022.

I’m extremely disappointed in this situation because I figured I’d get a better product if I held off until they got the bugs out of their early production models. That and patience usually pays off. Now I find that it is totally unclear whether I’m going to be able to buy one at all. Big disappointment!

Yeah, there are a few bugs which could be worked out. I just think they got overwhelmed and couldn’t keep up with demand. Plus, you have to think of all of the other products they currently make and have discussed making. I think they just cannot keep up. Like a home builder when they are busy and cannot keep up. Focus on building the bigger, more expensive houses and not so much on the smaller, cheaper houses. Probably some of the same thing going on here.

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I expect that they’re overwhelmed. What would happen if you threw a party and EVERYONE showed up. I get it. I’d just like a straight answer of whether I need to start haggling for someone’s Superlite spot, or finding one second hand, or whether simple patience will bring the product back when they can get their textiles from China again with less than a 5 month backlog. I feel for them, really. I’d just like to know what they’d like to do; I’m not even asking for promises.

There’s no doubt the supply chain has been a major factor here. However, under their current size, they’ll keep producing whatever has the highest margin.

I’d imagine with seeing the demand of the Superlite, it’ll come back. Will it be the same price? Probably not.