Is the tent removable?

I have a crew cab 8ft bed and want to keep parking it in the garage. Is the tent removable to drop the height? I can make a panel to replace it. Probably only need the tent 6 or so times a year

For the platform camper the tent is not removable. If you want the flexibility and lower profile I’d suggest you go with the topper and the roof top tent so you can mount the tent only when you need it.


Would work, been looking at just a roof tent and maybe a cap. Saves a ton of money but looses functionality. Was really hoping I could make this system work

@globemaster is correct. The tent is an integral part and cannot be removed. Have to get a smaller truck or a bigger garage :grinning:


$30k for the future garage add on isn’t in the budget yet. And a smaller truck doesn’t do the truck things that I bought this for.

Yeah im in the same boat aswell. Luckily the previous owner of my house dropped one side of my garage from rv height during a remodel so i just need to buy a new door and cut the garage back up and im good to go.

Kinda out of the box thinking here is lower your psi in the tires to pull into the garage then re air up every time you leave.that would suck tho

no doubt about it… you need a bigger garage


I have one, just not for parking. Pardon the mess, pulling everything out and getting organized. I’ll keep looking, I found another system that will work, I just like this one better. Might just have to make my own system. Not much different then roll cages.


If you make your own share it on here! I’d love to see that project.


So it is not just bolted to the cage? or is it because the Doors are bolted to the tent frame? Without seeing one in person it is hard to tell what it would take to be able to swap something like a diamond plate aluminum panel for the tent. The question is just how much fabrication would it take.

It would be easier to remove the shell. The problem is also the seal is then just sitting there unprotected. Might be able to stick the seal to the shell instead of the bed rails? And I don’t really want to store a tent outside next to my woods for bugs to get into. Just the tent I could store inside.

It’s bolted and glued down with teroson 5555 sealant. I used to work on the machine packaging that stuff and it would be a hell of a fight to get them separated. I personally think it would be doable if you broke the seal. that would be your fight, not mine, good luck. basically the tent (think the RTT version) sits on the frame and it’s glued and screwed. it would be nice if GFC did offer a “quick release” camper platform that transforms into a regular topper like they now offer. I think that would completely change the wedge camper market but that’s a different conversation

edit: yes please share your design here if you decide to go that route


So order it without glue maybe? then replace it with a rubber seal??? These things are still fairly hand made, should be doable.
Now where are the hinges connected? To the tent or the frame?

What about buying the new GFC and separate RTT so you only have to mount when you need it? Seems you are pretty handy, could probably figure out how to create a custom pass through if you wanted it. I also just want to see someone do this, ha

I want the access from the bed of the truck if I can like this has and really don’t want to have to reverse engineer an existing product with no cost savings. I really don’t need the prerunner strength or the side opening panels. This thing is to tall to reach over the side for much and with the cross braces it would be hard to make good slide outs. For half the price I can do a standard cab that lifts 2 feet and has the tenting build in, then just build out the drawer system and kitchen in the bed. Or a cap and roof top tent that is larger with an annex for changing and hanging out in the rain. I live in the midwest, we don’t have all the open unused land to roam on like the west does. It’s mostly farms here. So most of the time we will have to be in campgrounds, and I tow my off-road vehicles. Still have some deciding to do.

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doesn’t hurt to ask if they’ll make it for you. basically you want a GFC topper with a GFC RTT but with bed access panels

my $.02- if they could sell them like this they would be doing so already. I think being glued is part of what gives the structure so much strength like building a box. it’s not the nails holding it together, it’s the glue. the roof of the topper is also glued down.

The doors are attached to the frame.

again, doesn’t hurt to give them a call and ask


I reached out to them in a couple of different ways. Have not heard back in the last 2 weeks.

that’s all the response I get ever get too unless it’s warranty work. it took 427 days to get my camper and the usual response as to how much longer (when I received any) was we don’t know. but warranty work is prompt and frequent

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Heyo- Smart move doing your homework before going forward with the camper option that best fits your needs, and in this case, your garage too. Sorry to hear you felt ghosted, but our CX team did respond to your 10/13 inquiry where we touched on the height being around 7" above the cab. We sent that via, so hopefully it didn’t hit your spam folder.

And while we wish it was possible to offer custom solutions per build, we aren’t able to accommodate each unique scenario. @blackhearse was pretty much spot on in terms of assembly, and it’s a very lean process that has been refined over time to meet our production goals. We’re still happy to talk shop and answer any questions, so give us a shout if we can help!