Is this a known issue and if so what is the fix?

I returned to my truck after a full day of skiing and as I closed up the tent, I noticed that this green plastic or composite wire was poking out. It seems that the machined end cap on each side has this smaller hole feature and it is not for accepting a fastener. I am wondering what exactly is coming apart and how to put it back together.

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It’s the keeder cord and it attaches the tent to the frame. You might be able to push it back in, but submit a service request and they should be able to help. You can search the forum for a few other happenings. They’ve since changed the design and added set screws to keep things in place.


Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll reach out to customer service.

what did they say? I have one of those on the lower part.

@yexotay - Go ahead and submit a service request form if you have this same issue. As for fixing the cord, we’ll likely have you trim a portion of it or simply push it back in before adding what’s called a set screw to the billet corner. The set screw will keep the keeder cord from poking out in the future.